15 years with Moll Wendén!

On 6 October 2018 Moll Wendén celebrates 15 years as a law firm.

Moll Wendén was founded in 2003 when three Linklaters shareholders, Stefan Wendén, Mikael Karlsson and Thomas Moll, took over Linklaters’ office and operations in Malmö. The law firm kick-started and has since 2003 tripled turnover and number of employees.

Over the years, growth has been both organically and through recruitments of partners and employees in areas of interest such as labour law, construction contract law and public procurement law. These specialist areas together with the law firm’s well-established strength in mergers and acquisitions, IP law and dispute resolution have contributed to Moll Wendén’s strong position in the market.

Moll Wendén – A Modern Law Firm with Focus on Equality

Behind Moll Wendén’s success lays a long experience in the field of law and our working method. Today, Moll Wendén is a modern and flexible law firm, sprung out of the environment of a global law firm with a strong international reputation. At Moll Wendén, clients experience a law firm with a high degree of digitalisation, innovation and a proactive approach to our clients.

As a result of our approach and focus, we have been nominated and received awards on several times for being modern and at the forefront in the business. Also, we are proud to have been nominated for the award law firm of the year (”Årets advokatbyrå”) in the category of Swedish medium-sized law firms at numerous occasions.

Equality is of great importance to Moll Wendén, both within the business and our own practice. Consequently, we are pleased and proud that 60 percent of the law firm’s 26 employees and three out of eight partners (summing up to 37,5 percent) are women – numbers that few business law firms can compete with in Sweden.

We Stand Up for Everyone’s Equal Worth

To give back to society and contribute to a better society at large is also of importance to us. Therefore, we have chosen to, in cooperation with ”NU: Nolla Utanförskapet”, start a programme to assist and help young people from exposed areas with their homework with the aim to inspire them to further studies. Moll Wendén was one of the first companies in Malmö to join the project.

It is important, especially as a law firm and thus for Moll Wendén, to show that we stand up for everyone’s equal worth. This the year, we have become a sponsor to ”August No Stress Surf Café”, which offers people with disabilities a chance to enter and establish themselves on the labour market. In the same spirit, Moll Wendén has become a member of SGLCC. SGLCG is a platform for meetings and business developments for HBT-owned companies, other business and multinational companies.

A Warm Word of Thanks to All Clients and Partners!

Laying 15 wonderful years behind, we are certain that Moll Wendén will have an equally great development over the coming 15 years. Of course, this is only possible if we are fortunate enough to continuously enjoy working with our exquisite clients, big as small. With this said, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our clients and partners who have been with us on the journey of our first 15 years and has contributed making us the law firm we are today.

Stefan Wendén
Managing Partner

Moll Wendén's team at Mallorca
The entire team gathered at St Elm, Mallorca. The team travelled to Mallorca to celebrate our 15 years anniversary, a travel consisting of both conference elements and challenging nature experiences where our employees showed strength, stamina and goal awareness.

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