Akida Omsorg AB is acquired by Nytida AB

Acquisition Nytida

Nytida is one of Sweden’s biggest private companies within support and care, and Akida Omsorg is a business active within psychiatry, addiction and support and service for persons with certain functional impairments (“LSS”). Akida is a nation wide care entity with a revenue of SEK 120 million and 130 employees.

The business within Akida Omsorg consists of residential care homes for children and young persons (“HVB homes”), care homes for people suffering addictions and group homes for people with disabilities. Akida provides support to people that are having difficulties in ordinary life. Akida Omsorg is a company with executives that has years of experience in owning and operating business within the areas of LSS, psychiatry and addiction. The company holds framework agreements with more than 150 municipalities in Sweden.

“Nytida is very proud to be able to expand our offering of support and care services with Akida Omsorg”, says Fredrik Gren, MD of Nytida. “We are happy and are seeing great opportunities for our business to develop in a safe and secure manner. I am looking forward to continue to strengthen our current business, together with our employees, as part of the Nytida family”, says Jörgen Forsblom, MD of Akida Omsorg.

Akida Omsorg AB offers nationwide solutions for adults within the framework of applicable legislation. Akida is the small and simple alternative that creates security by providing reliability and joy. The industries most experienced executives and most competent staff provides the opportunity to succeed as well as further assistance if the individual would not succeed. The basic philosophy, based on a humanistic approach, is that every day shall be better than the day before.

Nytida is one of Sweden’s leading business in giving support to people with medical or social disabilities. In their 250 entities the clients are given a new chance and the client’s quality of life is guaranteed by 4 700 experts on care and support. Nytida and its sister company Vardaga is part of Ambea.

Lars Weibull AB and project manager Ola Weibull advised the seller. Moll Wendén Law Firm advised the seller on legal issues with Anders Steén leading the team.

Picture: www.weibull.se

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