Better right to trade mark Nefertiti

Trade mark

The company Jazzklubben Nefertiti AB in Gothenburg filed for bankruptcy in April 2020 and the business was purchased by Nef Swe AB (Nef), in order to save the legendary music venue Nefertiti in Gothenburg.

The purchase agreement included a lease agreement for the venue as well as all intellectual property of the company, including two Swedish trade mark applications for the trade mark Nefertiti (word and figurative). The jazz association which owned the company which was declared bankrupt claimed to have better right to the applications, and took the buyer Nef to court.

The court has now ruled in favour of Nef, stating that the jazz association has not shown to have better right to the trade mark applications than Nef.

Moll Wendén, trough David Klose and Simon Wilkens, represented Nef in the court matter. More info about Nef can be found at

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