PMH International AB is acquired by Indutrade AB

distribution hall

PMH International AB has been acquired by the technology and industrial business group Indutrade AB. Moll Wendén was the seller’s legal advisor in the transaction. PMH International AB is a Swedish technical trading company with an offering in two segments, lifting and material handling equipment as well as industrial/storage halls. The company, which was founded […]

Mars Multisales trades Wrigley products

Mars and Wrigley have during the year streamlined part of its European group structure and created a New Multisales organisation. As a part of this, Wrigley’s organisations have been transferred to Mars Multisales in the Nordics, which will now be responsible for trading Wrigley’s gum and confection products in addition to Mars chocolate, food and […]

Moll Wendén has advised on the sale of Texo Application AB to IKEA

On 31 August 2016, Texo Holding AB sold all shares in Texo Application AB to IKEA. Texo Application AB is active in the logistics sector and since 2001 involved in the development of different automated storage solutions, such as advanced lift and cargo handling equipment. The company has its registered office in Älmhult and has […]

The pharmaceutical company Bactiguard establish in Eslöv


The pharmaceutical company Bactiguard has entered into an agreement with Eslövs Industrifastigheter AB (Eifab), concerning the company’s establishment in Eslöv. Bactiguard plans to concentrate its business to Eslöv which in the long run could mean 100-150 new job openings in Eslöv. With help from Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Göran Hägglund, the first dig […]

Moll Wendén represents logistic company

kommersiella avtal

Moll Wendén has been assigned to represent one of Sweden’s finest logistic companies within the food sector in connection with a distribution agreement with a major fast food chain.