Lastor i Skåne AB wins dispute in the Court of Appeal

Moll Wendén has represented Lastor i Skåne AB in a dispute with the seller of the company’s commercial real estate property. During the spring 2008, the seller sued Lastor and requested that Lastor should pay approximately SEK 9 million, plus interest, to the seller.

The reason for the claim was un unpaid part of the purchase price for the real estate property. Lastor won the case in the District Court. The District Court found that Lastor had proven that it was never the parties’ intention that the relevant part of the purchase price should be paid to the seller, although this was stated in the purchase agreement.

In December 2010, also the Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Lastor. The District Court and the Court of Appeal have consequently undertaken an interpretation of the purchase agreement and found that the provisions of the agreement regarding payment of the purchase price should not apply between the parties.

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