Lundinova is acquired by Sigma Connectivity

Moll Wendén and Lars Weibull AB acted as advisors to the sellers when Sigma Connectivity acquired Lundinova, a Lund-based product innovation company active in electronics, software and systemic design.

Lundinova AB, which gets the new name Sigma Lundinova AB, is based in Lund and currently has around 30 employees. They have experience of working in smaller projects with highly qualified and flexible engineers and will therefore support the growing demand for cost-effective, smaller projects mainly in the Swedish market for Sigma Connectivity.

“Lundinova is a consulting firm with a good reputation, competent staff and good customer relations. We continue to run Lundinova as an independent subsidiary of Sigma Connectivity under the name Sigma Lundinova AB,” says Björn Lundqvist, CEO of Sigma Connectivity.

Moll Wendén has been the legal advisor to the sellers in the transaction. The deal was communicated by Lars Weibull AB.

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