Major Investement in Skånes Djurpark (Zoo)

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Norwegian Lund Gruppen assumes control of Skånes Djurpark (Zoo). The process of developing the zoo and create new experiences for families has already begun. The vision is to become the number one destination for families with children in the ages 0-12 years in Sweden and to make Skåne the second most popular destination in Sweden.

Business Region Skåne has been active in the process of making the deal happen.

– This is one of the major business establishments in Skåne this year, and we are happy that Lund Gruppen wants to be part of and contribute to make Skåne the second most visited tourist destination in Sweden. It means a lot to us to get a strong company group with considerable experience in building theme parks, says the CEO of Business Region Skåne, Bodil Rosvall Jönsson.

Lund Gruppen will assume control of the park at the turn of the year and the park will open by Easter next year. At that time the guests will be met by at least one new attraction as well as an improved standard of current attractions, buildings and facilities.

During the course of 10 years at least SEK 100 million will be invested in the business and at least one new attraction will be introduced each year. In the long run more jobs will be created. The target is to reach 300 000 visitors and to, in the long run, be able to offer 200-300 season employments and 20-30 permanent employments.

– Skånes Djurpark is held dear by many Skåne resident and is considered a strong brand. With its focus on children, nature and experiences the zoo will be developed into a true tourist attraction for families.

This is the best thing that could happen for both Skånes Djurpark and Skåne, says Bodil Rosvall Jönsson.

The vision of Lund Gruppen is to become the leading entertainment company in Scandinavia, focusing on unique experiences based on the pillars of play, teaching, sharing, exploring, magic and excitement.

– Skånes Djurpark is an important part of Lund Gruppen’s vision and we will integrate the culture and traditions of Skåne, says Håkan Lund, group president of Lund Gruppen.


Moll Wendén Law Firm acted as legal adviser for Stiftelsen Skånes Djurpark during the project.

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