Thomas Ogard



Dispute Resolution
Employees & Staffing

I have worked at Moll Wendén since 2010 and I am part of the firm’s specialist area Employees & Staffing. I specialize in labor law and dispute resolution and help with both strategic and practical questions about labor law.

I primarily help large and medium-sized companies in diverse industries, but have particularly extensive experience of challenges in the transport sector, the construction industry, the mining industry and the production industry. Some of my clients I collaborate and advice with regularly for several years. I also support major projects such as reorganizations and mergers, relocation of production to other countries and the establishment of foreign companies in Sweden, as well as disputes.

I think that a good lawyer take into consideration not only the law, but also takes into account the business benefits of the solutions proposed to the client. As lawyers, we are specialists in law, but at Moll Wendén we are also specialists in working with legal solutions that are both practically feasible and durable over time. In many cases, we act as a strategic business partner because we also assess the financial consequences of the various strategies we propose.

Here are some examples of what I can help you with:

  • Acting a sounding board in strategic issues: how to think at a specific issue, how do others act on the same issue, what does the law say?
  • Participate in negotiations with trade unions and employees: I do this either as a representative for you as an employer, but just as much as a sounding board or if you want an external assessment / second opinion.
  • Design and produce agreements – from employment agreements to, for example, complicated bonus agreements, appointments and leave of absence.
  • Update and write policy documents to create structures and ensure that employers follow developments in the labor market.
  • Investigate cases concerning, for example, abusive discrimination, discrimination or lack of working environment.
  • Represent your organization (whether you are a state, municipality or a private company) in legal proceedings. These can be, for example, dismissal disputes or employees’ attacks on trade secrets and intellectual property rights.


LL.M., Lund University, 2006



2010 – Moll Wendén Law Firm
2007 – 2010 Associate, Law Firm Persson & Partners

Business experience
Manufacturing Industry
Food Industry
Information Technology

The Swedish Bar Association
The Swedish Association of Human Resources Management
Labour Law Association in southern Sweden



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