Moll Wendén assists Kraftringen introduce a Code of Conduct


Ebba Walberg Snygg and Thomas Ogard from Moll Wendén have assisted Kraftringen in establishing a Code of Conduct and practice for whistleblowing. In addition, Moll Wendén worked to educate Kraftringen’s 450 employees on the Code of Conduct’s content, where the focus was on anti-corruption, external representation, psychosocial work environment and diversity. The training was based on real-life dilemmas and group work, whereby staff had the opportunity to discuss issues and exchange experiences.

– The Code of Conduct matches our vision and mission: we want, together with our partners and customers, to help in the transition to a sustainable society. The Code of Conduct is an important clarification, both internally and externally, in order for Kraftringen to have an economic benefit to society and to conduct our business responsibly. The seminars have been very successful and we are looking to secure increased awareness and a positive dialogue within the organization about responsible conduct, says Susanne Serenhov, HR manager at Kraftringen.

Kraftringen’s initiative is in line with expected, future regulatory changes. Based on an EU directive, a government inquiry has proposed strengthening protection for whistleblowers. This proposal means that companies must develop and act according to guidelines for whistleblowers and train their staff when and how to blow the whistle. Furthermore, there are requirements for larger companies to include this so-called, non-financial information, in their annual reports.

In essence, this means that companies must be able to show how they are dealing with sustainability issues such as respect for human rights, anti-corruption, bribery and diversity. This is likely to place rigorous demands for genuine effort in these areas. It has long been expected that such HR values will in the future become law.

– We are pleased to be able to work proactively on the basis of international development within the area of HR, where soft values are given greater focus and conducted further up the corporate boards’ agendas. To be in line with expected regulatory requirements, it is high time for companies to take stock and invest in their structures now, says Ebba Walberg Snygg, lawyer and labour law expert at Moll Wendén.

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