Moll Wendén has acted as legal advisor to Lindab Group when entering a partnership with Ecophon Group for new indoor environment systems that combines a sound acoustic environment with healthy indoor air

acoustic ceiling

Ecophon Group and Lindab Group, global leaders in their respective fields of acoustics and HVAC, join forces to launch new acoustic-thermal comfort-ceiling systems. The partnership lays the foundation for all-in-one hybrid solutions effectively combatting two enemies of a healthy indoor environment: poor acoustics and unregulated room temperatures.

Systems with Ecophon’s acoustic ceiling panels are combined with Lindab’s heating and cooling panels, creating seamless, designer-friendly ceilings that regulate indoor climate while improving the sound environment. The systems are optimal for projects with high indoor environment standards.

The new acoustic-thermal comfort-ceiling system will be launched in December 2021.

For more information, please see Lindab’s press release here.

Moll Wendén has through Mikael Karlsson assisted Lindab with legal advice.

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