Stockforsa Invest has acquired Höörs Plåt


The Malmö-based conglomerate Stockforsa Invest, owned by the Håkansson family, has acquired Husqvarna Manufacturing Sweden AB (Höörs Plåt). Moll Wendén represented Stockforsa Invest in the acquisition.

Höörs Plåt manufactures sheet metal products and components for the Swedish industry. The company has an annual turnover of 125 million SEK and approximately 100 employees. Stockforsa Invest conducts operations in several traditional industries with production plants in Sweden and Poland.

The group includes Cepa Group, UBD Group, Dent Akon Holding and Hellasvägen Invest AB, among others. After the acquisition, the group employs approximately 400 persons and has an annual turnover of approximately 500 million SEK. In connection with the acquisition, Husqvarna Manufacturing Sweden AB taken its former name Höörs Plåt AB.


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