Volati in partnership with children´s clothing company me&i

me&i kids

Moll Wendén has advised the seller of a majority stake in the company. Mikael Karlsson has been the head council, aided by Emil Björkhem among others. Volati now holds the majority stake, 60 percent, of the company while the previous owner retain 40 percent of the shares. Financial advisors to the transaction were Valentum Partners.

me&i offers custom designed quality children’s clothing, as well as some adult products. Distribution takes place through direct selling by more than 800 agents. Since starting up nine years ago, the company has expanded its operations to cover markets in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom, with an annual turnover of 200 million SEK.

”We see this as the perfect way of developing me&i. We’re proud of what we have accomplished in the past nine years, while we’re also focusing on developing and moving ahead. With Volati becoming a shareholder, we will gain access to knowledge, capital and network. It will indeed be exciting to take the business to a new level” says Susan Engvall.

”The interest in me&i has been great. me&i is a fantastic enterprise which in a short time span has established itself as a leading actor in the Nordic countries direct sales market for children´s clothing” adds Joakim Tengzelius, managing partner at Valentum Partners.

The new stake holder, Volati, was started in 2003 by Karl Perlhagen and Patrik Wahlén, who in a professional and active manner manages their ownership in select companies, thus creating value in a responsible way. Volati has a turnover of around 1.2 billion SEK and, with the addition of me&i, currently has investments in seven companies.

Moll Wendén has acted as legal adviser through partner Mikael Karlsson,

Photo courtesy of www.meandi.se

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